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About Us

Since 1990, TASK TECHNOLOGIES has been helping companies in the financial and services sectors to better handle the growth opportunities of the digital age.   

In 2001, TASK introduced its Business Process Outsource practice and established an Offshore Back Office in New Delhi to support TASK clients in the US.  We  combine our proven track record in Process Analysis, Design,  Imaging and Internet technologies with accounting expertise of our offshore partners to provide a reliable, cost effective Accounting Back Office.

Our principals are active in both research and industry, giving you access to leading edge technology & techniques, as well as innovative, effective and practical solutions.

e use component-based design, early prototyping systems, and high-level tools to get you up and running quickly and with no surprises. We also use industry standard open platforms and development software to ensure product support and upgradability for the systems we build.

Facilitating collaborative work among widely distributed users, is often the key ingredient in the systems that we have built.  This approach has yielded our clients substantial cost reduction, increased user productivity, better tracking of customer requests, and rapid access to customer data to enable real time response to customer queries.

TASK's Offshore Accounting Backoffice services combine this technical experience with the accounting knowledge of our offshore teams.  Together, they provide firms the unique opportunity to cut their backoffice processing costs in half.

With our research and industry experience, and with offshore back office facilities, we are committed to providing our clients with maximum value, high quality and low cost Software Development and Business Process Outsourcing services.

Planning Research Corporation 
The Arbitron Company 
First Virginia Services Inc. 
Prince William Hospital
Farmers and Mechanics BankCorp.
Jim Cummings, CPA
Myerson and Myerson
Richard A Hall PC

Smith Cochran and Hicks

Ecocys Technologies Inc.

Wilhelm, Monroe and Gallagher
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